Ordained and licensed to officiate
ceremonies in VA, MD, and DC
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Do you perform same-sex weddings? Yes.

What happens at our first meeting? Prior to our meeting I will email you a "wedding prep" form to fill
out. This form provides me all the basic information I need to know about you and your betrothed,
your families, the wedding party, the venue etc.

At our meeting I take time to get to know you and find out what you want in your ceremony (if you
even know). We'll share ideas and I'll make suggestions to take home with you. The initial meeting
usually lasts 90 minutes.

I will send you a Letter of Agreement after our first meeting.

Do we sign a contract with you: Yes, I do ask that we sign a a Letter of Agreement (LOA).

Do you require a deposit? Yes, I ask a 50% deposit (of the total fees) when you sign the LOA. The
remaining 50% is due two weeks before your wedding date.

What happens after we sign the LOA and send you the deposit? When I receive the signed LOA and
your deposit, I will email you:
  • Several basic wedding ceremony templates - each different in its tone and content
  • A few alternate wedding vows
  • Bible scripture verses
  • Several wedding readings (contemporary & traditional non-religious readings)
  • Blessing and benedictions (religious and non-religious)
  • A list of wedding traditions to consider
  • A set of specific wording for different elements of your ceremony that you want to include in
    your ceremony
If you are of a different faith/cultural background, (Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha’i,  etc.) and
interested in an interfaith  ceremony, I can include ceremony samples from your specific faith
tradition - if I have them. Or I'm happy to work with you to develop a ceremony to meet your needs.

You can mix and match parts of the wedding ceremonies and readings to create a ceremony that
meets your needs. Or, choose a wedding ceremony of your choice.

As the wedding draws near, I will work with you to finalize the wedding ceremony content and details
about the rehearsal (if required) and wedding.

What is included in the wedding fee? The wedding fee includes:
  • One comprehensive 90 - minute introduction/planning meeting (in-person or by telephone)
  • Telephone consultations, as needed, prior to the ceremony
  • Performing the wedding ceremony
  • Signing and submitting your marriage license to the appropriate jurisdiction
Are rehearsals included in your wedding fee? No, I charge a separate fee for wedding rehearsals.

What type of ceremonies do you perform? I perform almost all types of ceremonies including:
traditional, contemporary, religious, spiritual, interfaith, cross-cultural, secular, non-religious/civil
unions, and civil wedding ceremonies.

The ceremonies I perform fall into the following categories:
  • Religious, traditional Christian ceremony: A traditional Christian ceremony with prayers,
    scripture readings, closing with a Christian blessing and benediction
  • Non-Religious, traditional ceremony: A traditional language ceremony but with no reference to
    God; no prayers; alternative readings instead of Bible verses; and a non-religious blessing
  • Contemporary, non-religious ceremony: A ceremony using everyday language, contemporary
    readings, and a non-religious blessing. This ceremony can be spiritual or secular
  • Secular/Non-Religious, Civil Union ceremonies: This is self-explanatory
  • God-lite ceremony content: This is not a separate wedding ceremony in and of itself. It is when
    religious language (references to God), or a prayer, scripture reading, and/or a religious
    blessing/benediction is added to one of the non-religious ceremonies referenced above
  • Interfaith and cross-cultural ceremonies: This is a customized ceremony that incorporates
    elements from the faith and/or cultural/ethnic backgrounds of the couple.
How do we get our marriage license? Please see my  "License info" page for information and links for
marriage license information in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

What do you wear during the wedding ceremony? I can wear a suit and tie or a suite with a clerical
collar. I only wear full clergy vestments (black robe or white alb with a stole) for indoor ceremonies.

When do you arrive for the ceremony? I arrive no later than 30 minutes before the ceremony. Prior
to the ceremony I will run through a checklist of items (rings, flowers, marriage license, etc.) to make
sure everything is in place and make any last minute adjustments to the ceremony as needed.

Is premarital counseling required - do you provide premarital counseling? No, it is not required, but
it is available. Please see my section on  premarital counseling?

Will you need a microphone for the ceremony…what is your presentation style? My style is
professional yet relaxed. As a professional public speaker I bring that extra
stage presence to the
ceremony with a well-trained voice and strong projection. However, my need for a microphone is
contingent on the venue and number of guests attending. We cover this in our initial meeting. Your
ceremony will be heard clearly by everyone.

What happens if you can’t make the ceremony? I have missed only one wedding due to a family
medical emergency. In the rare event that I cannot make the ceremony, there are several clergy who
can step in.

Please contact me for any other questions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Traditional, Contemporary, Religious, Non- Denominational, Spiritual, Interfaith,
Cross-cultural, Civil Unions and Secular/Non-Religious Wedding Ceremonies.
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